How to get all issues that do not have a specific label

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The task is to display all issues that do not have ‘not-for-qa’ label (even if there are several labels, e.g. not-for-qa and tech-debt)
If an issue has a label ‘not-for-qa’ - I should not see it in a table

What do I do:

  1. I create calculated member in Label dimension and placed it in Pages block
  2. The calculated member is:

And, the list of issues does filter, but is excludes only those issues that have the only lable 'not-for-qa’
And issues that have several labels (e.g. not-for-qa and tech-debt) are not filtered out

Any help?

Hi @1117 ,

The Except() function doesn’t handle multiple-value field dimensions the same as single-value. The best approach, in this case, is to define a new calculated measure that subtracts the number of issues with the specific label from all issues. See the formula using the measure “Issues created” as its basis below:

([Measures].[Issues created],[Label].DefaultMember)
([Measures].[Issues created],[Label].[not-for-qa])

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