How to get average of just development time

I would like to know how I can make a report that shows me the average time that an issue spends only on development time. I want to take the average time that the issue passes only through the “blue status” of the flow in the jira, excluding “gray status” and “green status”. It is possible?

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Hi @kauecoelho,

The “blue” statuses in Jira are from the “In Progress” status category. eazyBI does import the Jira status categories by default. To retrieve the average days issues spend in the “In Progress” status category, define a new calculated member with the formula below:

([Transition Status.Category].[In Progress],
[Measures].[Average days in transition status]) 

After that, select the calculated measure in the report. See a picture of a sample report below:

The eazyBI documentation page has more information on defining new calculated measures -

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