How to get "Initiative" Issue Key in columns for child hierarchy like (Epic,Story and sub task)

Hi All,

I want to display “Initiative” issue key in columns for epic, story and sub tasks are belongs to particular Initiative.

Could any one share is there any workaround for this .

Thanks in advance.

any updates for the above query ?

Hi @Ganesh

  1. If you are using Portfolio, please, use eazyBI integration with Portfolio and import Parent link:
    After data import, use property “Issue Parent link” to show values in columns:

  1. If Initiative is linked to Epics with issue links, you may want to import linked Initiatives: Before creating settings, please, read section Troubleshooting.
    Then, after data import, you would be able to use issue property “Issue Initiative” (the name depends on how you name linked issue field in settings) which will show the initiative key for all level issues (it is passed down from epic to sub-tasks). In the example, I have Feature (one level above Epics) imported as links and use the property “Issues Feature link”:


Thank you !! got resolved.

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Does this work with Jira Cloud?