How to get issue count based on a custom field value

We have 2 custom fileds one is a checbox which is to define whether the issue is reported by customer or not other is a text box to have support issueID
Want to get the number of issues reported by customer during a sprint based on the checkbox value set to Yes or custmer issueID field is not empty

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You can build a report like this by adding the Sprint dimension in the Rows section and defining a custom calculated measure “Customer issue counter” with the following formula:

      [Issue].CurrentMember.GetDate('Created at'),
      [Sprint].CurrentHierarchyMember.GetDate('Start date'),
      [Sprint].CurrentHierarchyMember.GetDate('End date')
      [Issue].CurrentMember.Get('checkbox') MATCHES "Yes"
      NOT IsEmpty([Issue].CurrentMember.Get('customer issueID'))
    [Measures].[Issues created],

This formula will iterate through all of the issues and count how many of them match the filter criteria. Be sure to use the correct Issue property names instead of the “checkbox” and “customer issueID”.

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