How to get issue count filtered with a specific field

Please any help,
I want to get the number of bugs filtered with “discovered by” field.

You would like to import the custom field into eazyBI as a dimension. Then you can use the dimension on Pages. The Pages work as a filter.

Here I used Issue type on Pages to get Bug issues. I added the dimension for custom field Score to the Pages as well. I used one particular value 1 in Score. The report will give me all created Bug issues with a Score = 1.

In case, the discovered by is a link, you would like to define a link custom field and then you can import and use it in reports. Open Bug issue and check the link name.

My bug issue has a link to Story with a link name is caused by.

In Jira administration > Issue linking I an check the link direction inward for the link name is caused by:

I defined a link to Story with this definition in eazyBI advanced settings:

name = "Story"
inward_link = "is caused by"
issue_type = "Story"
dimension = true

Then I selected the field for import in the account in Custom field selection.

Then I can use the link field in my report and see that the Story DA-114 causes 2 bugs:

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