How to get issues from dimension in rows


I need to get all issues according to a dimension called KPI (customfield select list type)

Every issue has the following customfields: KPI, Total, Cumplidas, Cumplimiento Real. The main idea is to show for every KPI the value of Total, Cumplidas and Cumplimiento Real customfields.

The problem is that I need to color each KPI and that it persists when I change the month.

How I could do it?

Thank you.


If custom fields “Total”, “Cumplidas” and “Cumplimiento Real” are numeric custom fields, you could import them with value changes via Jira import options then also make sure that “Issue change history” is selected and imported.
Later you should be able to find such measures as “Total history”, “Cumplidas history” etc. in “Measures” dimension that should work with selected “Time” dimension period.

Unfortunately, your described coloring requirement would not be possible in eazyBI.
The only way would be by manually defining colors for each “KPI” row, but that wouldn’t change for different months.

Martins / eazyBI team