How to get sum of custom fields in jira ticket


I have a custom field in the ticket with the type of (like story points).
How can I calculate the sum of these points per week/month or in total?

So far I was able to see the numbers per ticket for specific user when I’m doing drill down to the story level, but I would like to get the totals in the way:
user 1 - 15
user 2- 30

Would appreciate any help on this.

Hi @yuraku_ku,

I understand that this is a numeric custom field. In that case, you might ant to import it as a measure in eazyBI. Then eazyBI will create a set of measures “<custom field> created”, “<custom field> resolved”, and a few more.
Use those measures in your report and eazyBI will automatically aggregate the results by selected Time periods, projects, issue types, and other dimensions in the report.

There are more details: Custom Fields - eazyBI for Jira.

Zane /