How to get the count of items in current sprint in EazyBi reports

I have to generate a report that counts the items in a current sprint as per their status .
For example if there are 50 items in current sprints with different status, the report should be able to show them by category say -
16 - in Testing
20 - in Progress
14 - Pending or To Do

I know we have a widget in JIRA dashboard that do the same thing but due to some Org constraints in work flow of Jira the true status is not attained by stories that are in testing. So if I can replicate the same in EazyBi I would be able to do the aftermath to generate the desired report.

Please advise.

Hi @ankitraj,

​You might put the status dimension on report rows and select the category level from the Category hierarchy.
​Then you might select the Sprint dimension on report columns and pages and select either the active individual sprint or a relevant calculated member.
​The measure “Issues created” would show the issues in their latest status with their current sprint.
You might rad about the relation of standard measures to Sprints dimension here - Jira Software custom fields.

​Oskars /