How to get the count of total number of issues worked in a sprint (should include the issues which are forwarded from previous sprint)

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I am trying to create a measure "Number of issues Worked by a particular person in each sprint " which means issues created in that epic, for that sprint. I tried using the measure “issues created” but it is giving me the count in the sprint which I am working currently. I need the count in both every sprint whenever a person worked on that issue.

Suppose I have two epics and 5 issues are created in that epic in two different sprints A and B.Two issues are created in sprint A and 3 issues are created in sprint B. In Sprint B if I am continuing my working on the two issues which were created in sprint A. I am getting the issues created count as 5 in sprint B and 0 in sprint A. What I am expecting is 2 in sprint A and 5 in sprint B.

Can anyone help me with this?


You are right; the Issues created measure shows only the current status of the issues. That means, it can reflect only the status of what we have currently.

There are several standard measures in eazyBI to support the precise sprint reporting for Jira Software. Please, check the documentation for more details:

Two standard measures could be used to show the issues related to the sprint. The Sprint issues committed shows the issues in the sprint when the sprint was started, and Sprint issues added shows the issues added to the sprint during the active status of the sprint. A small report like this can show how the issue is assigned in multiple sprints:

Janis, eazyBI support

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Hi Janis

Thanks for your help on this.

I have more query on this. If an issue is assigned to person X in the sprint A . And the same issue is reassigned to person Y in the same sprint A. It is getting displayed under person X when I used Sprint issues committed and Sprint issues added. But it supposed to be displayed under person Y. How can I get the issues under the reassigned person name ? In our case how can I get the issues under person Y after reassigned from person X?

If I used the measure issues created it is showing the issue under person Y but I am getting the problem of displaying it only under the current sprint not on the sprint where it is created which is mentioned clearly in my initial Question.



There is one more standard measure “Sprint issues at closing” showing the number of issues for the closed sprints for the assignee that was at the sprint closing (that means, the last assignee of this issue in the sprint).

Janis, eazyBI support