How to get the latest result so far?

I am trying to get the latest score which gave system so far , just like below ‘latest score’, please help to let me how to define the caculated member with mdx, Thanks a lot

system name, Time, score,latest score
A, Jan 2020,30,30
A, Feb 2020, ,30
A, Mar 2020,10,10
B, Jan 2020,55,55
B, Feb 2020, ,55
B, Mar 2020, ,55
C, Jan 2020, ,
C, Feb 2020, 25,25
C, Mar 2020, , 25
D, Jan 2020, ,
D, Feb 2020, ,
D, Mar 2020, 20,20

Thanks a lot!
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Annie Gao

Hi @xinranmo,

I believe you have sorted out this use case already =) I just want to recap so other users could apply the solution as well.

To display the las nonempty value for all consecutive members, you can try to create a new calculated measure with the formula below:

      [Measures].[Score] > 0

It forms a tuple out of the desired measure and the current Time dimension member or the last one that had a value for the desired measure. The Tail() function is responsible for retrieving a sub-set of members from the end of the specified set. The item(0) method gets the first member from this sub-set. Please have a look at our documentation page for more information on the functions used in the calculated measure -

The report with new calculated measure “Latest Score” might look like this:

Zane and Roberts /

Hello @zane.baranovska

I had a similar question elsewhere (Last Record in a Time Period - #3 by Rutwij_Devashrayee) and this solution seems like it would be relevant to that question as well. When I use the above mentioned solution or something like below, I get a sum of the previous day and not the last record of the day. Any idea?

  [Measures].[Coverage Percentage]},