How to get the number of issues which are passed certain specific status by some custom field options?

Hi Team,

My requirement is to get the number of issues present in specific sprint v/s committed. Committed will depends on the passed status by some custom field options.
For example–> passed status in the sense, issue was in “Dev Complete” status.

Suchithra S

Hi @Suchithra

First, make sure that you imported your custom field as dimension to group report results by field values.
Then create, new user-defined calcualted measure to count issues that reached the “Dev Complete” status.

[Measures].[Transitions to status issues count],
[Transition Status].[Dev Complete]

Later, add the custom field dimension to split the measure by custom field value options. eazyBI will group results based on the current custom field value, unless you import field with change history.

Martins / eazyBI