How to get the status of linked issue


We imported custom link using custom fields import.

In my report, I have “Issue” in “Rows” and created this measure
[Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get(‘Blocks’) set as “Columns”

with this, I have my issues as rows and for each I have a list of issues of type Blocks.

But I would like to display only the linked issues of type “Blocks” that are not “Done”

How can I do this?

Thank you!

Hi @Vero

So far, so good, you have imported all your linked Block issue keys.
Now, you may want to retrieve issues with those keys from the Issues dimension, check their status, filter out only not done issues, and then generate a new string of keys:

-- get a list of block issues not in Done status
   [Measures].[Issue Status] <> "Done"),
-- show those issues by key
 cast([Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Key as string), ","

You may want to check out more reports and calculations with linked issues in eazyBI public account: (folder 6 Links and Hierarchies)


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