How to get total without messing up legend

I would like to add totals to my charts, but when I do it adds the measure name to the legend:

I just want the first one with “Total” option added. Is this possible?

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You are right; adding the total of columns generates another “top level” column in the report which automatically transforms the legend by adding the top level column name to the legend name. The solution might be to use the “All resolutions” member in the report columns and expand it to the lowest level; the total will be visible under the “All Resolutions” column and the legend will look the same:

Janis, eazyBI support

Thanks, that creates other issues though, in my case I don’t want the natural order, I want Done at the top, unresolved below that, and the resolutions that mean it will not be done at the bottom. I also want the legend to say “total”.

This would also not be an option in other cases where I want to add a total and am not using all members.


There are features in eazyBI allowing to fix these needs as well.
You can create a new calculated member in the Resolutions dimension aggregating the members and name the aggregated member as “Total”. The formula for the aggregated member would be the following:

  [Resolution].[Won't Do],

Note that when you create the aggregated member, the order of the members would be retained in the report:

Hopefully, it can fix your report. Please, check the documentation for other useful features of how the reports and charts can be designed and customized in eazyBI:

Janis, eazyBI support

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Ah! yes, that would work, too.

However I do think that adding a total should just not change the rest of the legend, it doesn’t make sense from a UX perspective, though I appreciate it is happening due to technical implementation.