How to get value of several fields in jira

Hi. I am looking for a calculated measure for custom field that has all the word “client” on the jira field and display the value of that field when it’s not empty for project “sample”. Example

jira custom field name: Client A, current value is x
jira custom field name: Client B, current value is y
jira custom field name: Client C, current value is z

I’d like the above to show as columns, or drop downs, where project “sample” is on pages.
If the value of the field is not empty, I want the value to show.

Hi @jest

To import values from Jira custom field into eazyBI, you need to be with a user roleData admin” or higher in the eazyBI account.

If you have the necessary user role you will see the “Source Data” tab in eazyBI. Click on the tab and click “Edit” on your Jira source, there, in the “Custom fields” section you can select these custom fields to be imported into eazyBI as Dimension, Properties or Measures- depending on the data type and how you would like to use the field. When the fields are selected start the import.

After the import finishes, you should see these Dimensions/Properties/Measures available in the report creation mode.

​Let me know if you need any additional assistance with this!
​Best regards,
​Nauris / eazyBI support

Hi @nauris.malitis , thanks for the feedback. I am able to import the custom field already on the report, the challenge is each client field name (Client A, Client B, Client C) it’s showing even the empty fields for Client A, as the next column beside it has value (ClientB). The hide empty cells doesn’t work. So this results in a lot of empty cells, and the list tends to get very long. Example:

Project Sample Client A Client B Client C
Release June
Release July
Release August
Release September
Release October
Release November
Release December

Also it would be great (not sure if it’s possible) to be able to filter/select specific client only example Client A only so I don’t need to see the details about the others.