How to get Velocity Calculated across Multiple Teams

I’m looking for a method to get a report showing Velocity across a number of Sprints (4) that includes multiple projects/teams. In my case each team is using a separate project. As close as I’ve gotten thus far includes;

Although all teams are on the same sprint cadence, teams are all in different projects and thus different Sprints in Jira so we use a common naming convention that lets me identify the collective “sprint” through a calculated Member


[Sprint].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES “.FY21.PI2.S1.

Teams are further broken down into Divisions (large organization) I need to identify a subset of teams rather than using all teams within our Jira instance which I have another calculated member for

[Project].[Project 1],
[Project].[Project 2],
[Project].[Project 3],
[Project].[Project 4]


When put together my resulting table looks something like this, but the combined Velocity for all teams in that Sprint doesn’t calculate. How can I get this included?

Essentially I’m looking for a method to calculate total Total Combined Velocity Over the Last 4 Sprints for a set of teams (Projects 1-4) using the sprint/s that include “FY21.PI2.S1” in the Sprint name…

Hi @Roy_Stiles ,

Please share the formula for calculating the “Velocity Over Last 4 Sprints”. I suspect there could be the key to your question.

Alternatively, you can export and share the definition of the report to our support email - Create reports - eazyBI.

Roberts //