How to get workflow status in Jira as dimension in EazyBI


I’m new to EazyBI

Linked Jira with EazyBI,
I want to create a report that shows;

Rows: All projects
Epic (issue type epic)
Q : how to filter issue type only epic in EazyBI?

workflow statuses (epic’s workflow statuses in Jira)
Q : how to get the epic 's workflow status in jira as dimension in EazyBI?


You could use something similar to:

The status should already be imported by default by eazyBI:

maybe check that the dimensions are not hidden.

To filter for the epic issue type, drag and drop the “issue type” dimension in the “pages” section, like in the first screenshot. Then it will act like a filter where you can select epic. This is one way to achieve what you described, if you play around you can discover more.

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To filter issues with type “Epic” you could drag “Issue type” dimension to page filters and select “Epic” and then use “Status” dimension in columns.

If you want to filter all issues (including children of epic) by the Epic status, you could try importing Issue link field dimension using this formula in advanced settings (then don’t forget to select this dimension for import from import options page > additional options tab)

name = “Epic Status”
source_dimension = “Status”
issue_id_column = “epic_id”
group = “Linked issue dimensions”

Once you have this dimension you can use it in your reports instead of regular “Status” dimension

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I have the same problem but need the solution one level higher. My epics are Linked/ grouped by Initiatives. How can I filter for the Initiatives?

Thank you


How do you organize hierarchy levels in Jira.
If you use advanced roadmaps, you could follow this documentation page:

After that it would be possible to define one more new field that would import status from Initiative.

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This here is my hierarchy:

We have advance roadmaps activated in our Jira instance, but we don’t use it for our projects.
Maybe on more information: We have already 1000+ issues that I have to analyze - so I don’t know if it is possible to link all of them to a new field?

Thanks a lot


If you already have imported the hierarchy, then there is a small step left to go

Add this definition to import status from Initiative:

name = "Initiative Status"
data_type = "string"
dimension = true
update_from_issue_key = "customfield_InitiativePM"
javascript_code = '''
    issue.fields.customfield_instat =;

Then open the import options page and select to import new field “Initiative Status” as dimension from the custom fields tab.

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Awesome - thank you so much :slight_smile: