How to have a calculated measure Issue History filtered with one date

I would like to have a view like the picture but without to configure with two columns (Measures, Time), I would like to concatenate in one calculated measure only.

In this board, I would like to have the vision of issues at the precise date (this is the main purpose of my question) and to have others classic metrics (e.g. Issues done at the end of each sprint)


Do you have any idea ?

Hi @billuh

For this you can use a Tuple in the formula of a new calculated measure in the Measures dimension.
Use a formula like this for the new measure:

  [Measures].[Issues history],
  [Time].[2023].[Q3 2023].[Aug 2023]

Let me know if this works as expected!
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Thank you very much.

It’s working perfectly for my usecase

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I implemented that

  [Measures].[Issues history],
  [Time].[Day].DateMember('Jun 19 2023')

And I like to return only Issues between ‘Jun 19 2023’ and ‘Sep 18 2023’. I have tried with Filter unsucessfully.

Do you have some ideas ?