How to have a filter which will validate based on a issue type and a text in issue title


I have a report which will filter based on issue type and show the hours logged on those jiras.

But my client request to validate based on few issue types and containing text in issue title.

My filter should not show issues with issue type = IPAD and summary contain text = IPAD and it should show issues with issue type other than “IPAD” and summary does not contain text = “IPAD”

Could someone help to get this resolved

Please find the attachment which will show you my report sample with text as “IPAD” in issue title

Please help


Hi Ram,

You can create a custom calculated member in the [Issue] dimension to do what you’re seeking.

Try this code out

Aggregate( Filter([Issue].[Issue].Members, NOT [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name matches "(?i).*IPAD.*" AND NOT [Measures].[Issue type] = "IPAD" ) )

This is saying aggregate all Issues that don’t have IPAD in the summary and aren’t the IPAD issue type.

Hope this helps!

– Malik Graves-Pryor

we tried the above code before itself and it was not working for us.

Could you please advise is there any alternative.?


I had to modify it as the editor strips out the star symbol. Try it now that I’ve put it into the code block.

– Malik Graves-Pryor

Hello malikgp,

Thanks for your Inputs,

We have more than 60,000 issues in our Cube, and we have to filter the issues which are “Issue Type” <> iPad and Summary not contains 'iPad" Text. This filter should be created in “Issue Type” Dimension. (Issue Type Dimension is available in Pages).

Kindly advise. we are facing performance issue when we create same calculated member in “issue Type” dimension. and trying to filter the issues.

please share if you need more information. thanks in advance.

Hi Ganesh,

Have you tried using the filter code I posted above in the [Issue] dimension and not using the [Issue Type] dimension?

– Malik Graves-Pryor

Yes malikgp,

I have tried with Issue Dimension ,

we have two filters in "Issue Type " dimension which is located in Pages.

  1. With IPAD issues
  2. Without IPAD Issues.
    when i select the first filter, it should filter all the issues (rows) including issue type = IPAD
    When i select the second filter, it should filter all the issues excluding issue type =IPAD and issue title does not contain text as ipad.

So, now could you please where i need to create your filter.


Let’s simplify. Remove the [Issue Type] dimension from pages entirely.

Create the filter I provided you in the [Issue] dimension.

Place the [Issue] dimension in rows and activate the custom calculated member.

– Malik Graves-Pryor


Did you consider option not to import these issues in the eazyBI at all?

Please note the JQL filter option in Jira import options screen where you can define which issues should be imported (and which shouldn’t) in your eazyBI cube.
That would decrease the number of issues in your cube so all the reports would be faster.

If that is not an option and you still need rest of issues imported, perhaps you could create a new pre-calculated custom field using Javascript in eazyBI advanced settings.

Then you could import this custom field as a separate dimension and use this new dimension for much faster calculation than MDX with regular expressions (Matches method).
That would be much faster considering you have 60k+ issues imported on your account.

Martins / eazyBI support