How to import additional information by upload a new file

I’ve imported some of the Jira data to easyBI, then created a report like below figure 1. Now,I want to add some information(staff position information) from a separate table file(figure 2), because I don’t have this information in Jira.Can you tell me how to configure the import(figure 3).thanks


There are several User dimensions in eazyBI - Assignee, Reporter, Logged by. Firstly you need to choose to which dimension members this information needs to be imported to.

The mapping will be similar as in the example here for Project manager column import - in first column you choose the user dimension and user level and select the attribute the dimension members can be found (e.g. name or key). I also suggest to add the Skip missing option if you are not sure that all the users you have in external data set also exist in Jira.

For the Class of Position column you select the same Dimension an Level as in first column, but add the property name in advanced options.

Let me know if you have further questions regarding this!

Hi thanks for your reply!
because “Developer Name” is a custom fields in jira , and I already import this custom fields to easyBI as a
dimension,so can I choose this custom fields as a dimension?

Yes, you would be able to choose a custom field dimension, but this customfield first needs configuration changes:

  1. De-select this custom field dimension from import and run import without it
  2. Add separate_table = true property for the “Developer Name” custom field in eazyBI advanced settings, see
  3. Select Developer Name dimension for import again

After this the custom field data will be saved in separate table in database and it will be possible to import additional properties to it.

I follow the above steps and finished the “Advanced settings” (figure-1),but can’t select this custom field as a dimension,I get the error message like this:“Select existing cube dimension for name”,And I can’t select the new dimension (figure-2)

I was not able to repeat this. Do you have access to database where you could check that for the account you are doing this in the separate table named jira_customfield_10137 is created?

Thanks a lot,The problem has been solved.

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