How to Import Cucumber Test Scenario Outline Examples from Test Execution Issuetype to EazyBI

Hi All,

We developed a Cucumber Test of the type Scenario Outline with Examples and linked it to the test execution Issue Type.

We are attempting to import data from JIRA into EazyBi after executing Scenario Outline examples, but examples are not imported.

Can somebody help us with the above issue?


Hi @Vasantakumaar_Madras,

Are yuo using the Xray app in Jira?

Yuo can use the Xray-specific dimension “Xray Test Type” with Xray-specific measures like “Xray test Runs” to see testing data for Cucumber tests (see picture below).

However, the detailed information on each test scenario is not imported into eazyBI as they are not well suited for group data.
Here is documentation on what Xray data are available in eazyBI: Xray Test Management.

Zane /

Hi @zane.baranovska,

Thanks for your reply.

Is it possible to import scenario outline examples using the Rest API Data Source?


Yes, you can import the scenario outline as a Test issue property with additional data import from REST API, file, or other available sources.
The data source should contain two columns:

  • issue key of a Test - use this column for data mapping to dimension Xray Test, level Test. Select advanced options “Key column” and “Skip missing”.
  • scenario outline - use this column for data mapping to dimension Xray Test, level Test (the same as the first column). Select the advanced option “Property name” and give it a name like Scenario outline

There is more on the additional data import and data mapping: Additional data import into Jira Issues cube.

Hi @zane.baranovska,

Can you help me import the execution status on examples that are part of the scenario outline for the cucumber test?

Also, from our import settings, we are getting an array of execution statuses but not a count of the examples.

How can we resolve this issue? How can we import the counts of examples using the Rest API Source

Below we are getting only status of the Examples but not the counts


Below is a sample of the examples that we want to import…