How to Import date time picker coustem field data in eazybi report?

I want to Import my date time picker costume field data in eazybi report…I didn’t find dimensions for this field how can I add this data in my report?

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Jira custom fields are not automatically imported into eazyBI. All custom fields that are created in your Jira have to be selected for import in “Jira import options” → “Custom fields.” These instructions here will guide you through the steps to import your custom field into your eazyBI report. Note that date fields can only be imported as measures or properties, as we can only have one Time dimension.

​When importing the “Date time picker” field as a property, eazyBI will create a property Issue Date time picker
​When importing the “Date time picker” field as a measure, eazyBI will create a measure like Issues with Date time picker. That will count how many issues have a “Date Time picker” and show this count in a specific Time dimension period (year, quarter, month, etc…).

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