How to join values

I have a list of epics with Consideration Q1 FY20
Inside that list i have few cases with Quarter Commited Q1 FY20

What i need to do to create a measure that show me the number of issues with Consideration Q1 FY20 and Quarter Commited Q1 FY20 ( i dont want to harcoded that values i want to pick those from the list so that can be dinamic)

Hi @julitum

I am not quite sure if I got it right. Please provide more information if that is the case.

It looks like you want to have the number of issues created that have the values from the Consideration and Quarter Committed dimension current members. As both dimensions are selected in the report, you could select the measure “Issues created” in the report - it would display the number of issues having the values from both dimension members currently in the report.

For example, in the rows, you have the Consideration dimension members “Q1 FY20” and “Q2 FY20”. For each row, the measure would display the number of issues matching the Consideration dimension member and any of the Quarter Committed dimension members currently selected in the pages.

Roberts // eazyBI support