How to Joining the results of two tables with MDX queries


Is it possible to retrieve the data from 2 tables and display them on one table like joined
using MDX ?

Thank you


In eazyBI, the same measure is calculated automatically accordingly to the report context (the dimension selection in rows and columns, and pages): changing the report context, the measure is recalculated.

While there is no straight-forward solution how technically join two existing reports into one report, you may want to try building a new, third, report with needed dimensions in rows and columns, and add measures used in both reports and look, whether it gives you the expected results. In some cases, new calculated measures with applied conditions specific for this particular report are needed.

Another option is to select both reports on the same dashboard side by side so you would perceive the information from one and another (but they still would be two independent reports). In some cases, this is the only solution (if those two reports are built in the same account, but in different data cubes).

If you would share more specific information about those two reports and the expected third one, I could guide you more precisely.


Hi Ilze

I did as you said,select both reports on same dashboard side by side ,
Thank you