How to know a member's attributes?

I want to create some calculated measures, such as how many test cases by components, meanwhile, each test case status by components. But, I do not know the test case member’s attributes, such as who is the test case executor, when the test case was implemented, how many times the test case was implemented. I want to use ‘get’ function, but the member attributes is not clear for me, the corresponding parameters can not be filled in the get() function.

Who can tell me how to know the member’s attributes and how to get them? Thanks so much.


Hello frank_yu08,

You can use “All Properties” function to get the available properties for particular member.

for ex : If you want to see available properties of “Issue” member.
then you can try below code
for “Project”

you can use same syntax for other members as per your requirements.

hope this will help. thanks

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Thanks, Ganesh.

My difficulty is from the two dimension table below. I used the property ‘allproperties’ for the ‘Test Case’, it shows the same ID as the row title. e.g. GQ-1280. Well, I actually want to get the last test execution, which is one of the test execution tickets associated with a test case. How can I get the last test execution issue id?




Unfortunately , Unable to provide you the solution , Since I am not aware of Xray test management tool and Structure.

Keep you posted after my research on the same.
Thanks !!