How to look up User Name with User ID


I am very new to eazyBI, I have a question related to brining in data from an external Postgresql data source. The data that I bring in from sql contains User IDs however, I would like to be able report on User Name.

I am wondering if there is a way in eazyBI for me to use the User ID that I have from the external data source, which is also the Jira User ID, and somehow look up the User object to get the User Name?

We were thinking that maybe we could use a Jira data source based on Users and then Unique that source with the User IDs that I already have.

I am grateful for any/all suggestions,

Hi @reaganpenner,

I recommend importing the user ID column from your external data source as a dimension. In the data mapping, also add the “Key column” option. After that, you can create another SQL or REST API data source and configure it to look for the Jira user ID and name. The SQL source application would have to look at the Jira database cwd_user table. The REST API source could be the GET /rest/api/2/user/search endpoint - Jira 9.12.0.

In the new data mapping, select the same data cube you imported your external data. For the column containing the User ID, specify the “Key column” (just like in the original mapping from the external source) and “Skip missing” options. Specify the “Name column” and “Skip missing” options for the user name column and import data.

Please see more details about mapping data here - Data mapping.

Roberts //