How to make a specific calculated member

I need help figuring out how to make a very specific calculated member; It’s beyond my MDX ability. My end goal is to have a bar chart with a bar for each week in the past 5 weeks. The metrics that the bars display is what I can’t figure out. I need each weekly bar to tell me how many of the issues that were created in that week, are still open currently. This is sort of what the Recently Created Chart does, which is a built-in widget in Jira. If you are familiar with this chart and what it does, I basically want to recreate the red part of each bar. Example:

I’m not sure if you can isolate the issues that were created in a past week, and then see their status as it currently is. To clarify, I’m not trying to figure out how many issues were created and resolved within that week. I’m trying to look at all the issues that are still open to date, broken down into the week that they were originally created. Please let me know if this is possible, and any ideas you have about how to create this calculated member!

Hi @ethan.l.cook,

If I understand your request correctly, you can build this report without MDX calculations. You would like to know how many issues were created in each week and see how many of them are resolved currently and how many are still open.

The key to the report is measure Issues created which used with Time dimension represents data based on issue creation date ( But when used with standard dimensions, like Resolution, Status, Assignee, etc., Issue created represents the current value of an issue, not historical.

  1. Use measure Issues created on columns to get a count of issues created in each period (week).

  2. Set dimension Resolution on columns to split issues by the current resolution

Your report of issues created in selected period split by their current resolution might look like this:

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You’re a genius, thank you!

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