How to negate IS operator

Hello, I have condition like:
CASE WHEN [Client].CurrentMember IS [Client].DefaultMember THEN ...
and I would like to know how can I make opposite condition - I want to trigger when I am NOT in default member. I have tried NOT statement, but it does not work. Another possibility to try it over ELSE statement. Then it works, but i have to fill something into the ELSE part.

Is there any way how I could negate such condition?

I can add some nonsense condition into ELSE statement

CASE WHEN [Client].CurrentMember IS [Client].DefaultMember THEN
  Case WHEN [Client].CurrentMember IS [Issue].DefaultMember THEN 999 END
 "In this case i am not IN default Client."

It works, but it is disgusting workaround (its my workaround so I can criticize it :grinning:)

Is there any better way?

Hi Petr,

To negate a condition, please try to use the NOT statement after ‘CASE WHEN’ and not in combination with the IS statement. In your example it could look like this:

CASE WHEN NOT [Client].CurrentMember IS [Client].DefaultMember THEN...

That way it should work.

Kind regards,
Robert / eazyBI support.

Works like a charm, thank you.