How to object type attribute as dimension

For security reason I have an object type laptop per country, see fig 1.

I have a object type ‘Manufacturer’, see fig 2.

The objects in this object type are used as attribute in the object type laptop of each country.

Now I will create a report with the object type manufacturer as dimension and the objects of the different countries as measure, the same as with status for example, see fig 3. How can I use the object type Manufacturer as dimension?

Hi @Evert,

I recommend importing the “Computer” object type attribute representing the “Manufacturer” type objects as a dimension in the eazyBI import options. You should see it under the particular object type section. After that, you can create a report with the new dimension. Please see pictures of a similar example below:
“Model” type objects:

Referenced in “Asset” type objects and their children:

In eazyBI, imported as the Asset Model dimension:

See more details about the data available for import and dimensions, measures, and properties created in eazyBI for the Assets source application - Assets.

Roberts //