How to only count issues that have linked items?

I need to create a report that presents me with issues that have linked items.

Any Jira setup uses issue links for different use cases. While eazyBI supports data analysis on linked issues, you would like to specify what links you would like to import explicitly.

This community topic contains a full walkthrough example on how to import links:

You can use imported links to group or split issues. However, if you would like to access some data from linked issues, for example, count, a logged time, status, etc, you would like to build custom formulas for this. You can see this report example in our training account with several formulas based on linked issues for imported link Bugs. You can replace Bugs with your link field name and reuse any of those formulas.

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The error states, that you do not have a dimension with the name Bug. The example formulas in this account use our demo setup, where we have this dimension. It is no default dimension, though.

You would like to define your link custom field dimension and then use your imported link custom field name in the formulas.

Please follow the guide in the shared community topic on how to import links. This step is required before creating any reports.

Please reach out to our support team with more details on your current setup. Please share JSON of one issue with links. Open an issue in Jira. Modify the URL of the issue replacing browse with rest/api/latest/issue. Save the JSON results of the issue as the file and send it to with additional information on what links from this issue you would like to import.

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