How to only show week number on the X axis


I got a report on eazyBI which show all issues created each week.

It works fine but on the x axis we have the week number and the date.

I just want to see the week number how can i do to only show it ?



Such customization of the weekly hierarchy members is possible on the eazyBI app for Jira Server by defining the custom locales. Please, check the documentation here:

In this case, the local will be applied for the full instance. Users will need to select the correct locale to show the specific time dimension outlook.

Janis, eazyBI support

Thanks for the repply.

I don’t have admin right and after reading the link you send me it seem that i need to acces eazyBI Advanced Settings
And i don’t have acces to that right now.

I probably need to speack with the IT guys .