How to plot items that are single day in length in EazyBI Grantt charts?

Hi Team,

I am new to EazyBI add-on.

We have created a Grantt chart for an issue type called GOAL from a four different Date field values to track the milestones. Now we want to plot the issues that Action Date and Completion Date on Same day in length.

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The solution is to apply the filter on the report rows to show only those issue having the both dates in the same day. That would require a custom measure and there can be several alternatives of how to implement it.

I tried the following formula for checking if two dates are in the same day:

Day(DateParse([Measures].[Issue Action Date]))
= Day (DateParse([Measures].[Issue Target Completion Date]))
DateDiffDays([Measures].[Issue Action Date],
[Measures].[Issue Target Completion Date])<1

With such a custom measure you can apply the filtering in the report rows:

Janis, eazyBI support