How to reinitialize all filters?

Hello here!

I would like to “reinitialize” all filters. In other words, I would like to come back to the first step of my graph (without having to click 10 times on “cancel” button):

Is there an easy way? (Without refreshing the whole dashboard page)

Thank you very much!

Hi @obillaud

Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, there is no such button to undo all changes. If you have access to the gadget options, a “non-traditional” way to refresh would be to click the “change” button and click the “Save” button (without changing anything).

This will refresh the report/dashboard in the gadget. However, if you are viewing a complex report, the cached “Undo” button clicks may be faster than reloading the whole report.

I’ve added the idea for “Undo all” button to our backlog, but I can’t promise whether or when this could be implemented.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Nauris / eazyBI support

Hello @nauris.malitis ,
I just realized I’ve never thanked you.
So thank you for your answer, and I hope this feature will be implemented. :slight_smile:


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