How to repeat a value at project level to all issue by project

i have the following report and I’m trying to to get the value at project level repeat but by project

in the image I have 3 project with 3 values (32,67%; 2,80%; 4,54%) and I want to repeat the value to every issue in the project by project

I use to have server and I use to connect to the data base and do a query and repeat the value and add the query to the cube. is there a way to do that in cloud? and is there a way to do it in MDX?



There is the Ancestor function, allowing access to a parent member at a specific level.

If I have “Some measure” in my report, I can inherit the value using the following tuple:

([Measures].[Some measure],

Note that this formula refers to the Issue hierarchy name, which is standard Epic hierarchy in my case.

Janis, eazyBI support