How to see a new hierarchy and use it in Rows

Hello, we defined a new hierarchy in Jira to group several Epics there. However I did not find a way to get this hierarchy associated with the Epics and Stories in EazyBI. I was able see the this new hierarchy, that we called “Initiative” in rows, however there is no was to drill in up to Epic Level. As I can do from Epic to Story level.

How can I drill from this new hierarchy to Epics and Stories?


Hi @GerardoMora,

If you have built a new hierarchy in the “Issue” dimension, then you can drill into lower hierarchy levels. Please see this report where are used custom hierarchy similar to the one you are looking for (Feature → Epic → Paren → Sub-task): Issue features hierarchy example - Issues - eazyBI Demo Training - eazyBI.

in the documentation is described how to build the custom hierarchy for this example: Additional Issue hierarchies - eazyBI for Jira.

Please don’t skip the Troubleshooting section were explained how to get the correct link directions and names and how to implement changes in advanced settings.

Zane /