How to see how many days each issue has been in a particular custom field assignment

We have a custom field “Assigned to Role” that I am trying to create a couple of reports that show

  1. how many days each open issue have been in each assigned role (Development, Design, Triage) – how to calculate the numbers in the below example table
    ex: dev design triage
    issue 1 5 10 12
    issue 2 12 3 8
  2. average number of days issues in each status (open, fix in progress, fixed) were in each assigned role
    example type of data
    open – 10 days in dev, 15 days in design, 5 triage
    fix in progress – 12 days in dev, 14 days in design, 5 triage
    fixed – 15 days in dev, 8 days in design, 6 triage

any guidance is appreciated, I am not sure how the transition status concept can apply to custom fields


Days with certain custom field value as well as days in Status and with Custom field value are not by default calculated in eazyBI. If the “Assigned to Role” is a single select field, you could specify that it is stored in separate_table and in such case could import additional measures to it.

You could write this calculation by using JavaScript calculated measures, see more The result would be with multiple_dimensions setting (see it in the list of settings here

So as an example, for an issue with the following info:

  • From the created moment the status is Open and role Design
  • After 2 days status changes to In Progress, but role remains Design
  • 1 day later, while status is still In Progress, Role is changed to Development
  • After two days status is set to Done, but Role remains Development. Three days later issue is resolved (for example sake, to have an ending point for calculation).

You would go through the changelog of the issue and find the starting and end of Status and Assigned to Role and return the following result

In Progress,Design,1
In Progress,Development,2

It could then be imported with following multiple_dimensions setting

multiple_dimensions = ["Status", "Assigned to Role"]

In the report where this measure would be used, while the Status dimension is not used, it would show total days for each Assigned to Role or with Status dimension drill deeper to Statuses.

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