How to select Issues for rows by the content of a custom property

My situation: We have a field “Team(s)” imported from Jira only as a property. I was told it is not possible to import it as dimension since it’s multiselect in Jira), before we used a label for the teams but that made some problems in Jira
My problem: I just want to create an overview Issues created and closed by a specific team. That was super easy with the Label dimension before. But now idk if there is a way to do this with a calculated member and how to do it.

Hi @Falk

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Who told you that it shouldn’t be importes as dimension? It is usally not true what they said.
It is Ok to import multi-value fields as dimension, just be ready that some specific calculations can double-count issues, but it very much depends on the use-case.

If you need the counter of closed or/and created issues, we have a distinct measure “Issues closed count” and “Issues created count” out of the box, that would work well with multi-value dimensions like “Label” and “Team”

Martins / eazyBI support

Hi Martins,
thanks a lot for the reply. I think the guys which told me that were not aware of all the possibilities…

For everyone else you can import even calculated dimensions, see Martins comment here Issue labels as property