How to show epic tickets linked to epics in a hierachy level

Dear team, can you please advise on how in the hierarchy structure on the epic level to show both parent tickets and subtasks connected to the Epic with epic link functionality and also other Epic tickets under it that are connected via issue link functionality?
The structure should be like this:
-Parent ticket (epic linking)
-Epic(issue linking)
–Parent ticket

eazyBI uses issue type as the main grouping element in the hierarchy. Any issue has a place in the hierarchy based on issue type. Therefore we add all sub-tasks on a lower level (and they work with parent issues only). You are using Epic on two levels. The default eazyBI hierarchy setup does not work well if the same issue type Epic is used on several levels. Epics are quite a special issue type in Jira with support for custom field Epic link to tie it with Epic issues.

While there could be some workarounds the hierarchy will be easier to created and it would work better if you will use a special sub-task issue type for higher-level issues and you will use another issue type instead of Epic for the highest level.

With those changes, you can check how to build hierarchies by defining new levels for the highest level and Epic. I will address the suggested new issue types as Parent Epic and Parent Epic sub-tasks.
The hierarchy example (level Epic definition in particular) works for Server only:

name = "Parent Epic"
inward_link = ["is child of", "jira_subtask_inward"]
issue_type = "Parent Epic"
dimension = true
update_from_issue_key = "customfield_epic"

name = "Epic"
inward_link = "has Epic"
issue_type = "Epic"
dimension = true
update_from_issue_key = "parent_issue_key"

name = "Parent Epic"
all_member_name = "All Issues"
levels = [
  {name="Parent Epic",key_column="customfield_parentepic",issue_type="Parent Epic"},
  {name="Epic",key_column="customfield_epic",issue_type=["Epic","Parent Epic sub-task"]},

Daina /