How to show issues under capped time period?

Here I built a burn up chart showing issues planned vs closed which is as below:
I would like to further improve it, so here are two questions:
1, Timeline graph is used, is there a way that its only showing period August onwards?
I did try to use filter on time dimension, however if May-July is filtered out, the cumulative issue counting s start from 1st August. How to include issued in May-Jul but not showing in the graph?

2, anyhow I can stop the Greenline in the graph on today’s day? It doesn’t add any value to show a flat line there.
Currently calculated member is a simple cumulative count.

[Measures].[Issues resolved]



The most straightforward solution to limiting the reporting periods is to apply the Time filter in the report rows:

Note that you can use dynamic dates for filtering, like “today”, “current month” etc.

Janis eazyBI

oh yes, you are totally right. It is working with Time as a filter!

thank you!!