How to split measure

I have data in a measure enclosed in a table, see screen

Can I split APM data and the 2 Validation Date into different columns?
Beware that I cannot import the data as a dimension but only as a property

Hi @Marcello

What kind of a Projectrak field is this?
Is there a possibility to separate these values in your Jira and then import them separately in eazyBI and not the other way around?

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Hi @nauris.malitis
It is a Custom fields that we get from jira in that table html format.

Yes, we are moving to fix this directly in jira. I was just curious if there was a solution in EasyBI to do a split with higher complexity.

Thank you

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HI @Marcello

Unfortunately, there is no way to split these values and store them separately during the import process, as you can do with the Issue custom fields.

The best approach here would be to keep each of these values in separate Projectrak fields in your Jira.

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