How to subtract fields


I am trying to subtract two fields in EazyBI. I have a calculated field and I want to substract all the test cases in Status descoped.
How do I adress the test cases that are only in a certain status?

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Hi, @abbyfriend,
I assume you are using Xray for test management.

Measures used in the report defines the context of dimensions in the report. When using execution related measures, like, Xray Tests executed, Xray Test Runs, Xray Tests defect count, then Status is applied to Xray Test Execution as execution is the core to gather information about executed tests, execution outcomes, fix versions, found defects, executors, etc. When using test related measures, like, Xray Tests created, then dimension Status is related to Xray Test.

If you have measure Xray Tests created in your report, then you may use Status dimension and select or filter by status “Descoped”.

If you have Xray Tests as rows in your report (regardless of measures), you may define a calculated measure to get the current status of the Tests. Xray Test is an issue with a type “Test” therefore you may get issue properties using function get(). The formula for Xray Test status looks like this:

  [Xray Test].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('Status ID')

Then you may Filter rows by test status.

If you have a custom calculated measure and do not have Tests as rows in the report, then you may incorporate one of those approaches to your calculations.

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