How To Sum Days In Transition For Selected Statuses Only


I have a report for “Days in transition status” and it works well.

How can I sum time (days) issue has spent in selected statuses, for example only for “In Progress” and “In Review”?

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Hi Paul,

You might address this situation in two ways - with a calculated measure or a calculated member.

If you do not need to display the figures of each of the transition statuses, you might use a calculated measure.
Let’s call it “measure_days_worked”.

MDX expression for that would be as follows:

([Measures].[Days in transition status], [Transition Status].[In Progress])
([Measures].[Days in transition status], [Transition Status].[Review])

The outcome might look like this.

Since the expression returns the same result regardless of Transition status - you might want to remove the dimension Transition status from the columns.

The other way - if you prefer to keep the details of different transition statuses visible, you might use a calculated member in the Transition status dimension.
Let’s call it “member_days_worked”.

MDX expression for that would be as follows:

Aggregate({[Transition Status].[In Progress],
           [Transition Status].[Review]})

The outcome would look like this:

You may choose the approach to your liking as the results are identical.

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Oskars /

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