How to Sum three calculated members (integer) in Measures dimension and then I want give color code(Red, green, amber) Based on the output value?


I want put text on column based on the particular calculated member which hold sum of three calculated members.

ex : I have three calculated member A,B and C which has numeric value in it. such as
A=0 ,B=10, C=5 and i have another calculated member (D) which holds Sum of A+B+C here it is 15

Now, I want to give color text like Green, Amber and Red based on the Number display in D.

If D >0 and D<10 then put text “Green”
If D>10 and D<20 then put text “Amber”
If D>20 and D<30 then put text “Red”

I tried with D = A+B+C

and when tried with “CASE” Statement like

D>0 AND D<10
'My Code here"


It throws “Tuple contains more than one Measure Dimension…” error . Could anyone help me to resolve this issue.

Please let me know if more details required on this. Thanks in Advance.

Can you share the code that you’re using to construct the calculated members?

– Malik Graves-Pryor

I agree with @malikgp - to know what exactly is the cause of the error, the exact MDX code would be necessary.

Please note that you can color values in the cells by clicking on the ‘D’ column measure and specifying the ranges.

Lauma /