How to sum up Epic Links


I am trying to add a new calculated member in the Epic Link dimension that will show only some epic links.

Example: Rows - Issue Type

Columns: Epic Link - PT-66229 + PT-66231 + PT-66227 , all in one new calculated members.

I tried:

[Epic Link].[‘PT-64058’]+[Epic Link].[‘PT-64060’]


[Epic Link].[PT-64058]+[Epic Link].[PT-64060]

but they do not come up with any results.

Also, I would need to know how to get issues without epic link summed up too.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

Thank you!


Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you!

Thank you @roberts.cacus

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Hi @arama_mihai ,

One other approach I found out about just recently is to use only the Epic links issue key. That could be useful if there is a chance that the Epic issues summary changes. Please see the code below:

  [Epic Link].[Epic].getmemberbykey("key-1"),
  [Epic Link].[Epic].getmemberbykey("key-2")

Kind regards,
Robert / eazyBI support

Thanks, that’s very helpful!