How to target issues that were "split to"/"split from"

My team uses the split option in Jira at the end of each sprint, and that means that all the issues are being closed. that way I can’t know how many issues we completed and how many we did not. (Because all the issues are shown as “completed”)
I would like to know if there is a way to target through eazybi the Issues that was “split from”/“split to”.
thanks in advance.

Hi @nadavb97 ,
If “split from”/“split to” is an issue link type then you can import those issues as a separate dimension.
See this article for more information:

Gerda //

Hi Gerda - I am attempting to do this but running into an issue with it just showing the entire issue number count…here is what I am doing in the advanced settings. Please advise!

pulls in split issues

name = “Split Issues”
inward_link = “split from”
multiple_values = false
dimension = true

Hi @allison ,
Can you share more about your report and the results you are getting?
Did you try to recreate some of the report formulas shared in the post mentioned?


Yes, with the formula I sent I am not able to return any values in the split issues dimension. I have not tried to recreate the formulas in the other post. I will do that and see if I can get the expected results.

I was not able to replicate what is in the other post re: linked bugs. Please advise!

Ok - I have gotten an import of linked issues. But I would like the total count of those issues by sprint…how would I do that?
Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 3.09.04 PM

Under all issues you can see the split issues for each issue if they have one but it does not roll up into the sprint.

Hi @allison,
I see you are using the dimension “Bugs linked to Stories” and not the one you have configured, “Split Issues”.
If you don’t see the linked issues in your dimension, you can always start by checking the direction of the inward/outward link as that is the most common root cause for missing issues.

When you have successfully imported issue links, then to see the count of the linked issues, you should use this formula:

-- = 4 Issue links and hierarchies
  [Issue].CurrentMember.Level.Name = "Issue"
  [Split Issues].Currentmember is [Split Issues].Defaultmember
  -- retrieve Split Issues information from Issue property Split Issues
    [Issue].CurrentHierarchy.GetLinkedmembers('Split Issues')
 -- total calculation for any issue, data on Split Issues level
    Descendants([Split Issues].Currentmember, [Split Issues].[Split Issues]),
    -- counts how many times Bugs are reference with issues, this works as a filter as well
    [Measures].[Issues created]

If you have further report requirements, please reach out directly to