How to use Jira filters in eazyBI and help with forecast report


I am newbie to Jira and eazy BI

We need to report progress graphs based on Jira filters(data from predifined criteria) Is there a way to create a report based on JQL filters in eazy bi?

I am also trying to get the below report
Progress or ‘Burndown/up’ Curve

X axis shows a period of time (typically months)

Y axis shows a sum of issues or estimates

The data comes from any saved filter

The graph draws

  • a line depicting scope over time (count of number or issues or sum of estimate of issues in the filter)
  • a line showing cumulative issues completed over time (issue count or sum of estimate)
  • a forecast line projecting completion of the remaining open issues calculated based on current scope and historical completion rate

not able to figure the way to get the forecast line to project the completion date. Please help

Any insights are appreciated

Hi @TampaTom,

​Welcome to the eazyBI community!

​The JQL filters need some “translation” to be applied within eazyBI. My colleague Zane has made a presentation about translating JQL into eazyBI.
​You might see that here - Training videos on specific topics.

​We have sample reports on our Demo account - Demo accounts.
​You might get some inspiration from our Project prediction report here - Project Prediction report - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI.

​Please feel free to explore our Demo accounts, and if you do not want to grab these reports from the Demo account but want to create by yourself - you can make some of them as per the instructions here -​

​Oskars /