How to use new MDX functions (getLinkedMember)

I have a project in JIRA that contain many linked tickets (dependencies) and we just update our eazybi to the latest version. Going through the release notes, I see there are new MDX functions. I was wondering if you could provide a few examples on how these new MDX functions would be used and how it would present in a chart.
I’m referring to New MDX functions getLinkedMember, getLinkedMemberName, getLinkedMembers, getLinkedMemberNames

Thank you! Let me know if more information is needed!

Hi Sarah,

Please find our new documentation page (created today) with an example of how to use getLinkedMember function.

This function would let you find a linked member from a dimension (for example, from another hierarchy of the same dimension).

Best regards,
Martins / eazyBI team