How to use selected statuses in Rolling Average Cycle Time

In the demo Cycle Time Report, the Rolling Cycle Time average calculate the average cycle time for JIRA statuses in the “In Progress” category.

Since our team have the flexibility to use their JIRA status as fit their work, I want to add Status as a page and let them select which status to view the cycle time report for.
Is it possible to modify this part of the measure to use the statuses currently selected by the user on the report instead of any status with an “In Progress” category?
[Measures].[Days in transition status],
[Transition Status.Category].[In Progress],
[Status.Category].[Done]) /
[Measures].[Issues resolved]

Thank you.


We need to remove from the first part of the formula the Transition status member so the context is taken from the report (e.g., page filter). We need to wrap Issues resolved in another tuple since this measure does not work with any other member of the Transition status dimension than the Default Member (All Transition statuses).

The following adjustment for the formula should do it:

[Measures].[Days in transition status],
[Status.Category].[Done]) /
([Measures].[Issues resolved],
[Transition status].Currenthierarchy.DefaultMember)

Janis, eazyBI support