How to use time dimension on both Page and Columns or able to filter times like a page while it is on Rows

Hi all,

Is there a way for me to use Time Dimension on both Rows and Pages because my end goal is to be able to use the Page’s Multi Select filter and yet be able to show the narrow down dates on the Row field.

Is this possible or if not is there a work around?

Hi Miket,

You can do that by using the “Pages” functionality:

Hope that helps.
Gvido Neilands,


Hi GvidoN,

That is amazing! How can I show that Pages button? How did you configure your report to have a Pages on the Rows?

Here is my configured report

. I am currently using v4.5.4 but I cannot see that specific button to accomplish what my client wants

I am using this functionality on cloud :confused:

I know that this is a very recently added functionality but I am not sure what version did it come with or if it is even officially released.

Yes, it is a pretty neat feature to have time in rows and as a filter. Will save some trouble with custom solutions =)

@miket no need to change the configuration, functionality to use Time dimension in rows and pages at the same time is not available for current eazyBI for Jira Server version (4.5.4).
We are planning to include this functionality in the next eazyBI for Jira Server version this summer.

Functionality is available for eazyBI Cloud and eazyBI for Jira Cloud already as cloud products get all new features first.

Zane /

Hi zane,

Thank you for your feedback. I feel excited for the next eazybi release, hope it will be soon.

You can also set a filter on the the Time dimension, when it is in the Row space. This should have the same effect as the new feature.

Here’s the documentation link:

Did the page function ever get implemented for Jira Server? I do not see it there and it has been 2 years since this post.

Hi @methornt,

Yes, option to use dimension on pages and rows or on pages and columns at the same time is available also for Jira server since eazyBI for Jira version 4.6.0 (Released Aug 10, 2018).
For list of all improvements, please, see the changelog:

And there is the documentation on how to use this feature:

Zane /