How "update_from_issue_key" is supposed to work

Hi all,
I’m trying to understand how “update_from_issue_key” is supposed to work. My understanding is that it would give the possibility de retrieve data (fields, whatever…) from another issue in the “hierarchy”. Do I need set a specific issue key to make it works?

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Hi @dword,

Your understanding of what update_from_issue_key does is correct - it can pass field values from a higher level issue, e.g., Epic, down to its Stories. Instead of specifying specific issue keys, you specify a predefined level or an issue link field defined in eazyBI. You can see an example on our documentation page - JavaScript calculated custom fields.

Another use for this parameter is within defining additional hierarchies in the Issue dimension. There, defining an issue link, the update_from_issue_key points to the next level beneath the one you specify. See examples here - Additional Issue hierarchies.

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