HTML formatted Custom Field (Elements Connect)

Hello all,

we switched to use Elements Connect for using external datasources in jira. The fields added should be available in eazyBI.
In jira the fields are formated as html link. But in eazy the link string is displayed as plain text. We want to either display only the name or format the string as html to get a link. How is that possible?
I tried to change the Elements Connect REST API display view to only print the name, but it seems not to be solution.
I hope you can help me.

Thank you!

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Another try was to create a calculated member formula with all members of the custom field and the formatting set to html but nothing changed.

Adding some javascript to the additional import settings and setting multiple_values = true in the advanced settings solved all my problems.
Hope this will help people running into a similar problem.

Hi @rensch ,

I am happy you solved the problem. One change I recommend is altering the field value via a JavaScript calculated custom field instead of custom Javascript code. That way, the alteration will be available for all eazyBI accounts. The custom JavaScript code will work only in the eazyBI account you added the JavaScript code.

Most likely, you can use the JavaScript code from “Custom JavaScript code” inside the javascript_code = ''' ... ''' parameter when definig the new Javascript calculated custom field. Some minor alterations may be required. See the suggested parameters below:

  name = "Name"
  data_type = "string"
  multiple_values = true
  dimension = true
  javascript_code = '''
  issue.fields.customfield_NAME = <THE ALTERTED FIELD VALUE>;

NAME part must match in the custom field definition [jira.customfield_NAME] and in assigning the value in the Javascript issue.fields.customfield_NAME.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Roberts //